Shabbat: A Time to Practice Presence

By: Alexa Eden

*Shabbat is my Digital Detox - Every. Single. Week.*

A time when I don't get distracted by my phone — my texts, calls, emails, or notifications. 

A time when I completely turn my awareness OFF from technology — creating a space to #bepresent in the moment. 

To connect to the people, the places, the feelings, the connections, all around me.

A time when I get to exist, just as I am. Not needing to, wanting to, or having to be anywhere, or anything other than right here, right now.

A time I so eagerly look forward to, each week. 


Many say that "Keeping Shabbat is too hard."  

My answer - It's supposed to be!

It's supposed to challenge our human tendencies, and elevate our human experience.

Challenge our habits, our choices, our comforts, our priorities, as a tool to help us realize our full potential. 


Shabbat allows us to truly turn off. Without having to think "Could I, Should I, post, stay connected, share, answer..." 

It’s given us the opportunity to train our ability to be intentional with our time, (and our technology use.)

It allows us to recognize our unhealthy habits, and addictive tendencies with technology.

Freeing us from the excuse "Let me just check one more thing!"

Yes, Shabbat is a spiritual practice. Yes, it can be inconvenient. 

Yes, it's hard. 

AND on the other side of all of those "excuses" is a practice that sets you free. 

A practice that has been around for years. 

One that I am proud to call my own.

Won't you give it a try? 

Wisdom. Tribe. Life. 

Alexa Eden Sokol  


alexa sokol