9 Steps to Design your Digital Detox

Take a deep breath. Welcome :) Before we dive in, let’s get one thing straight, Digital Detoxing will NOT be as challenging as you think. All we have to do is start somewhere, and I promise, it will get easier as you practice. You’re bound to be successful at it — it’s natural:)

First things first, let’s consider why you’re feeling the need to enjoy this detox. What is your current relationship with technology? How is it impacting you, and what do you hope to experience when you are #signedoffscreen ? Allowing yourself a brief moment to reflect, will help you set an intention as to why you are doing this in the first place!

I would encourage you to write a quick note expressing your intention for this #digitaldetox and when you’re ready, continue reading on. When/if the detox gets tough, notice your frustration, behavior, and thought patterns,and remember that human kind made it pretty darn far without their “smart” phones… seriously. Ain’t that a trip?

With enough curiosity, this Digital Detox WILL BE the best thing you’ve done for yourself all year. [It’s that serious] My Recommendation : Start a detox for only one full day, start small. Feel the impact, soak it up. Set a new goal for next time.


Step 1: Clear Your Day

  • Seems obvious, but double and triple check that your day is CLEAR. This will provide exciting peace of mind that you don’t have to BE anywhere else. Which will help when noticing your behavior throughout the day. (yes, this is an active practice) Clear that schedule!

Step 2: Alert the Peeps

  • You know those peeps that if you don’t respond to their text in record time they send out the search brigade. Tell you families, loved ones, roommates, etc. You are #signedoffscreen for the day. Trust that whatever they might be calling about, can wait until you are back online.

Step 3: Grab a Toy

  • Mostly anything goes. So long as its not electronic or work related. Consider a book, a ball, a knitting set, deck of cards, a coloring book, a note pad. In other words, if it evokes a childlike, nostalgia, bring it! Not only will this will be a helpful tool when/if you start feeling restless, bored, or frustrated, but it will also awaken parts of your brain that are otherwise not activated when looking at our screens. (more on this topic soon!)

Step 4: Commit to #signingoff before bed

  • Turn off your phone before you sleep. No question! Your schedule is cleared, so you have no alarm to answer to! Turning off your phone before you sleep will help you wake up feeling all sorts of #free.

Step 5: Wake Up, Stay Put

  • Because you have NOwhere to be, there is no need to #jump out of bed. Instead, lay there quietly. Crack open a window, doze off, read a book. If you do need to get up, grab yourself a beverage, make coffee, drink water, have it in bed! Whatever you do, relish these morning moments. Enjoy your time here. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Step 6: Move yo’ body

  • In bed, or outside of it, start to move your body. This could be a number of things. A yoga sesh, a walk, stretches, rolling around on the ground, breathing in to where you feel tightness, tension, stress, anxiety. Give your body some low-pressure attention. No need to sweat, pump, lift, cardio. Just relax with your bad self. If you’re feeling hyper — Add some ab circuits, push ups, lunges or squats.

Step 7: Notice What you Notice

  • Up until now, things have probably gone pretty smoothly. And here’s where it gets tough. If you’re not already, you’ll probably start feeling a yearning for some “connection” — digital connection that is. Even if its just to “check the time” You’ll probably notice reaching to answer “the call.” Take note of WHEN, WHY, and HOW often you’re reaching for your phone. Remember, you’ve already cleared your schedule, AND alerted the peeps you’ll be out of touch. You’re good. Walk away from the phone, take a deep breath, and go be free. Notice where your mind wanders. Get curious, be brave. Follow it.

Step 8: It’s time to get creative

  • With all this quiet, you’re probably “more in your head” than normal. Which makes this the perfect opportunity to reach for that toy/creative tool you chose in Step 3. Using this time to create something, is a form of self expression. Something, that we as adults are often distant from. Whatever you chose, bring it with you to a cozy and inspiring corner, and #getafterit

Step 9: Definitely Take Notes

  • As you near the time to sign back on, make sure to take notes and reflect on your experience. You didn’t do this digital detox just for shits and giggles. You did this to form a habit — a habit for healthy living. A lifestyle habit to help you#strikeabalance, if you will. So take a moment, and notice how this Digital Detox impacted your life, in the moment, and as the days go on.

Remember, this is a practice. Choosing to #signoffscreen will help you learn to #strikeabalance between technology and slow living. Taking on a digital detox is a brave step towards increasing your overall wellbeing. We’re often too distracted to remember to bring joy in to our life on a regular basis. Hopefully this is the first step toward doing that :)

Give this a try, and please email me any questions, comments, reflections you have afterwards — connect@alexaeden.com Also, if you are interested in starting this challenge among friends, I highly encourage it! Please share this guide via email, text, or Facebook! Let’s move this!


by. Alexa Eden

alexa sokol