2018 : A Year in Review

My Dear Friends,

2018 has brought on SO much more than I could have possibly imagined. Not only did I launch my first successful business, but I’ve been fortunate enough to bring to life a number of incredibly special projects. From producing New York’s most unique underground meditation movement, to helping bring to life the first-of-its-kind Conscious Music Festival, I found myself truly building intentional communities that helped the people in my life #strikeabalance.

All this momentum led me to hosting my first ever on-screen talk show series with an incredible women’s organization called SOULED (expected release 2019) — Eventually, leading me to the management of some absolutely incredible new clients, most of whom will be serious catalysts in their respective industries.

All this and the freedom to travel to <Mexico, Barbados, Italy, Israel, Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles, and Miami> While the details of my endeavors may or may not interest you, I have a feeling that the summary of my most valuable takeaways most definitely will.

My only hope is that my flame lights yours — carrying you in to 2019 just as beautifully as you are. To your peace, and you happiness, I love you. Happy New year - Enjoy!


“For me, it was debilitating. It has been, and will continue to be, if I'm not careful.”

A large part of my business is spent "on-screen" Whether I’m writing, editing, researching, or posting digital media content, I often times find myself, eyes ringed with tired red, pushing myself, "just a few more minutes." Earlier this year, I was struck with a debilitating feeling - attached, dependent, and overwhelmed — desperately trying to keep up.

The feeling became so intense, I had no choice but to embark on an intentional journey of self reflection. Becoming acutely aware of where, when, how often, and why I was using my technology. This awareness forced me to design sustainable lifestyle habits and patterns to keep myself, and my technology usage in check. I spoke to nearly 100 people about their perspective on technology, and the impact it had on their social and emotional well-being, each conversation shining light on the issue. Everyone knew how technology was ruining their life, but NO ONE knew where to begin making a change.

This is when I began keeping the Spiritual practice of Shabbat, I began powering down my cellphone, ending my workweek, saying no to social/networking events, every Friday at sundown. I started using this time as my number one tool to help me #strikeabalance between accelerated technology and slow living. This experience uncovered many interesting realizations, and more relevantly, gave me the clarity to create the 9 Steps to Designing a Digital Detox Guide.

**The practice of a digital detoxing is not the solution. It is a cleanse that helps us recognize where we need to do more work / create boundaries. Ideally, we bring mindful technology practices in to our world, daily... more insights to come on this, as soon as you decide to ——> #takeonthechallenge. 


“Your brand is who you ARE without filters, platforms, likes, comments, shares, etc.”

When I speak of personal branding with my clients, I don't mean the images that portray “who we are” on a small 9x9 square platform, so widely known as Instagram. I distinguish VERY CLEARLY how our brand ONline and IN real life manifest as one.

Elon Musk once said, your brand is what they say about you when you leave the room. To further this idea, your brand is also who you ARE without filters, platforms, likes, comments, shares, etc. In today's digital world, the need for us to be "seen" is ever increasing, not only for our personal lives, but for our businesses, our expertise, our leadership.

For a while, there was a clearly distinguishable difference between business life, and personal life. But today, it's all out in the open. With twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, completely dominating the online space, the way we represent ourselves online, should be reflective of who we ARE, authentically. Designing a personal brand, is no longer a petty, shallow investment, it is now an entirely crucial part in connecting the dots between your personal life and your business life.

If you’re interested in investing in Personal Branding - Please send me an email at connect@alexaeden.com to learn more about the process, the value, and the direction it can lead you and your business!  


“We are spiritual beings living in a material world.”

In a world, where materialism is hard to hide from, and where content bombards our screens and our minds, it can be nearly impossible to find peace. Who could blame us? Especially when the media is constantly encouraging fear, judgement, hate and disagreement with opposing parties.

Through this, it’s become increasingly apparent, that more and more people are yearning for meaning, and deep connection. Conversations that speak to more than just challenges and traumas of daily life. And instead, a yearning for soul enlightening, heart warmth, love and attention.

You see, the rise of mental wellness conversations, meditation apps and studios, transformation programs, retreats, and the billion-dollar-and-growing self help industry, all stem from one thing. We are spiritual beings living in a material world.

I know, your ego is crying out right now, but keep reading, I have faith in you. We are spiritual beings, navigating a material world. Which means, we CAN indulge, enjoy, and delight in the many beautiful things, technologies, luxuries that have been put in this world, BUT it is equally our responsibility to connect to our deeper, truer selves. WHY?

Because, that is where we discover OUR purpose for being here. That is where we can tap in to OUR potential as human beings, and as a collective. Using the tools, of both accelerated technology and slow living, we have the incredible opportunity to optimize our lives.

Do so wisely.

Be smart about it, be honest about it, and don't be afraid to #getsouled.


“For me, there were certain experiences, places, events, networking opportunities,

that just needed to be invested in.”

This year has taught me so much about investing as an entrepreneur. Not just in the way I stash away dollars bills for a rainy day, or strategizing which portfolios to invest in, but the notion of investing in myself, as a person, as a business, and as a agent for change.

Since beginning my own business, I've been on financial edge more times than I'd like to admit. Why? Because I reinvested every dollar I could in the building of A.Eden Enterprises. Most times, going wayyyy against better judgement — really committing myself to the cause. For me, there were certain experiences, places, events, networking opportunities, that just needed to be invested in. Communication courses, leadership training courses, deep work sessions, spirituality, physical training needs. These are all investments that we need to make, to help us show up in this world as our whole, true, and authentic selves. These are the investments that allow us to flourish in this lifetime. We take a lot of things in life for granted, but one of the biggest and most successful mind shifts I adopted this year was changing my perspective from "I have to..." to "I am able to..."

In the face of investing in myself, and my business, this mindset opened up a whole new world for me. Started to look at abundance in an entirely new way. I started measuring my success by more than just $$$ - Although, I can’t take ALL the credit, I graciously welcomed help from the ladies @thefinancialgym to help me turn that abundance mindset in to cold hard cash. Shameless plug —> Check them out!  


“Experiencing myself, experiencing new places.”

It's hard to fully describe how travel has made a significant impact in my life, especially this year. Getting to experience myself, experiencing new places, was boundless education. Touching down in a new location, allowed for me to take a look at who I am, where I'm at, what I like, and what I am running from. Being in a new place brought a lot of new emotions to the surface, especially during the moments when I was traveling alone. I found myself feeling shy, nervous, and embarrassed at times. Sometimes shook by new people, and new cultures.

Most of the work I've been focussing on this year has been separating my SELF from my EGO. Noticing how and where I am affected by the limiting, protective, insecure thoughts the ego so innately plants in our path. Creating distance between my SELF, and my EGO allowed me to feel humble. To recognize that I can feel new feelings, I can release control, and I can admit to feeling afraid. Travel allowed me to break free from my routine, and discover new parts of me, that may have otherwise been calloused over. 


“The more powerful we can become in communication, the more likely we are to find a partner who truly understands where we are and what we need.”

Ah, the good stuff... right? Well, it's been an interesting year to say the least. My dating life, hm, let's just say it went in cycles. Some months were hot, some months were... not. But all in all, what changed mostly was my perspective on dating — self worth, communication, and honesty were all critical components to my journey. What shifted most for me was admitting that I am no longer a teen, in college, or post grad, just looking for a good time.

I came to terms with knowing that just because a typical night for me is not a night out getting drunk, at happy hour, with my friends, I still love to have fun. A ton of fun, actually. It's just different. I had to realize that being myself, doesn’t always mean "being liked by everyone" but that valuing myself, as worthy, beautiful, and loving, begins with ME, not by the validation of others.

I realized that communication is more important now than ever. With so many people, swiping, liking, and connecting, the more powerful we can become in our communication, the more likely we are to find a partner who truly understands where we are and what we need.

Don't get me wrong, sharing feelings IS HARD. But embracing this challenge is where I've found most growth. Noticing how nervous I feel to tell someone I like them, or that I don't... Finding myself in those moments and those situations, allows me to grow, see myself for who I really am, and even better, feel open and honest with the people in my life. Bottom line… Communication is still key, and dating is still a trip.. ;) . 


“I’ve realized that we're missing the point.”

I've spent the majority of this year breaking down what wellbeing / wellness looks like in my life. Which has lead me to distinguish 5 very important ideas.

In today's world, we focus on our wellbeing or wellness as being generally "one thing." We invest hundreds of dollars each year to help us "live well." Although, as I reflect on this multi-billion dollar industry, I’ve realized that we're missing the point.

Our social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing are all completely different categories and without proper attention to each, our human existence will lack the holistic wellness we've each been so blindly seeking. The question then becomes, how are we consistently and sustainably taking care of our social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing?

2019 is the year where I commit to sharing with all of you the discoveries, findings, journeys, and enlightenments that come with the #strikeabalance practice. Keep up to date by subscribing here, to receive my monthly newsletters for 2019. They're going to be good - that’s for sure :)   

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I spent more hours than I’d like to admit on this. In an effort to get out the most powerful, raw, authentic expression of my 2018 human experience. Would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, insights, and discoveries! Always, and whenever!

That's all for now my friends #strikeabalance 2018- you did well. 

With love, and light.

Alexa Eden.   

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