Slow Down your Morning

6 simple ways to slow down your morning


  1. Get an alarm clock! 

    • Waking up to the alarm on your phone instantly connects you the moment you have wake up. Just turning off that morning sound, you're thrown right into your morning of texts, emails, meeting reminders, and whatever stress or thought comes from that.

    • Give yourself a few minutes in the morning to actually wake up, and feel ready for your day. 

  2. Pack your bags the night before.

    • Whether you're off the gym in the early morning, have lunch to bring with you, going out after work, pack up your stuff the night before, so you don't need to rush out the door.

  3. Try leaving your headphones at home. 

    • Either on your walk to the subway, or even on the subway commute, don't use your headphones.

    • Listen to the sounds around you, hear the morning get started, perhaps be that person whose available to answer someone's question or help them. 

  4. Take deep breathes on the train.

    • It sounds silly, but mornings can but full of high stress and influential environment energy. Taking control of your breath will help control that morning stress, or help energize and think clearer. 

  5. Don't be afraid to glance around the subway car around you.

    • Witnessing human interaction, friendships, family time or love can all have a positive impact on your mike. We're all human after all. 

  6. Try to distance yourself from your phone.

    • You'll notice, almost everyone around you on their phone, being used or not, but just the act of holding it disconnects you from the world around you and makes you less present.

    • Try this: slide your phone in your bag or jacket pocket. Out of sight and reach, you'll feel the buzzing energy fade away, as you become present in the moment with no gravitational pull.

    • We often check our phones out of habit, or stress, knowing that we're about to begin a workday full of emails and meetings. Allow yourself the commute to fill your mind with other things, maybe a book, a podcast, new music. 


if you found this helpful, give it a try! Feel free to comment, like, share, or email to anyone who could use a morning pick me up! hope this helps!

alexa sokol