A practice I created to keep my lifestyle functioning in optimal form. 

For nearly 2 years, I've continuously practiced #strikeabalance as a foundational tool for aligning my life, no matter where I am in the world.  

What I've done, is map out the 5 most important pillars in my life, which serve as the foundation for my happiness and wellbeing.

[ Family/Friends, Spirituality, Mental and Physical Wellness, Food and Creativity ]  


Utilizing the concept #strikeabalance, I focus on consistently fueling each of these pillars, with activities, events, books, conversations, friendships, etc.

Paying specific attention to each pillar, I am able to assess alignment in my life, or become aware of which pillar may be out of focus.  


When one pillar is out of focus, #strikebalance prompts me to consider why I haven't been paying attention to that area of my life, and how I can start doing so. Ideally, so that I am able to return back to an optimized lifestyle. One that is aligned, efficient, and effective.  


Consider building each of these pillars up with bricks. If you only build one pillar at a time, the foundation will be crooked. Keeping each pillar in a steady growth together, allows for a consistent, sturdy hold, no matter what storm comes your way. 


What are your 5 pillars? 

How can #strikeabalance optimize your life? 

alexa sokol