Slowing Down in a City that Doesn't

I've come to realize that New York City will  n e v e r  yield to my pace.

It is up to me, and each of us individually, to navigate and harness the buzzing energy of the city, to best serve us and our needs. 

All too often, I hear friends and clients complain about their energy being drained, their inability to focus, and their sleeping patterns to be almost non-existent. I see subway cars packed full of people, exhausted at 6pm. Staring at their screens, as they "relax" and "unwind."

Unfortunately technology has actually hijacked our attention, and become a [ portal ] for our energy. 

Our brain's receptors are constantly firing, responding to this modern technology, as an endless source of stimuli. In return, we feel tired, sluggish, exhausted and drained. The constant stimulation we endure when using our devices requires mental energy (even after we've set the device aside.) Even when we "put it away", our minds have to work twice as hard to reduce that ever-present stimulation.

Not to mention, New Yorkers endure an immense amount of stimulation from city sounds, constant movement, thousands of people, screens, billboards etc. It's no wonder why we all feel so exhausted! 

Here lies the importance of  [ Mindfulness and Slow Living ] 

As humans, we all need time to recharge. We do this by disconnecting. Disconnecting allows our minds to not be artificially stimulated, and just be. This process re-sensitizes the vast functioning and capabilities of our brains.

Just think of all the work we allow technology to do for us. It wakes us up, it reminds us what to do, what to buy, where to go, and how to get there. It keeps our passwords, important phone numbers, the name of that movie we can't seem to remember.... I could keep going...

By consciously disconnecting, just for a few minutes each day, we allow the multitude of pathways in our brain, to be activated in ways otherwise left for technology to handle.

This is crucial! 

Meditation and Mindfulness techniques are crucial for our advancement as humans, alongside technology. If not, we'll forfeit our higher level cognition to the ever-impending acceleration of technology.

[ Making the Choice] to make conscious choices, in the way we consume technology, grants us more mental freedom, and allow us to realize, and truly maximize our human potential.


What are some ways you can reduce your usage?

How can you be more conscious of your usage in general? 



by. Alexa Eden


alexa sokol