Looking for Answers?

The most sought after intangible thing we, as conscious human beings want are | • answers • |

Answers to our problems, to our health fixes, to our life's mission, to our relationship issues. Most of the time, we turn quickly to others for the answers to OUR questions/issues/setbacks.

We're trained to turn to doctors, therapists, nutritionists, chiropractors etc. to answer and solve our issues. Seeking perfection in health, success, beauty, etc. we are trained to look towards others for THE answer to OUR issues. 

So many of us take little to no ownership in the matter, when it comes to answering our own questions. We gracefully hand off the outcome to these practitioners, hoping that they will find, AND achieve the solution for us. 

This week, I was reminded, that so many of these answers that we seek, are inside us. With the right tools, education, guidance, and suggestions, we can tune in to our body and naturally listen to what it wants, needs, or craves. 

Whether this be a focus through diet, exercise, joint pain, beauty routines, or even meditation and sleep, the simple act of | • tuning in • | allows us to unlock an eye opening amount of information about where we're at. 


Our society has trained us to feel that we need to seek professional help, knowledge, prescriptions to uncover the secrets to our health/success. While I agree that we NEED professionals in our lives as guides and as teachers, I also believe we as humans, need to remember that our bodies ARE designed to work. And to work WELL! 

Our body's are designed to work cohesively, function as a unit, and send signals/respond when necessary. 

These signals are OUR signals, and the sooner we learn how to respond to each, the better we become at steering or piloting our own journey to "recovery" - wherever that is needed.  

Granted, healing is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to more serious issues. Nonetheless, remember that our bodies are interconnected. One stress may lead to another pain, and another pain may lead to another blockage. Only by taking the time, to look inwards, can you take steps to learning yourself, and begin the process of healing. 

Big Takeaway Here: Ownership of your health is important! 


by. Alexa Eden