Defining Wellness. The First Step.

So much talk these days about "health" and "wellness" 

So many tips on how to achieve "it" for yourself.

"Do this, try that, eliminate this, do that more. Don't do that, and OMG, you have to try that, for sure!" 

It becomes impossible to find a sensible and reliable answer to YOUR proper wellness routine. 

No matter how many degrees someone has, or certifications they've earned, or how many followers they have on Instagram....

they DO NOT know YOU.


So take the advice, hear the wisdom, try the tricks, and don't give up if they don't work 100%.

[ Study you. Learn you. Practice you. ]

Listen to your body. Nourish it. Take care of it. Move it.

Fill your lungs with air and not smoke! 

Drink water and other hydrating drinks, not artificial liquids. 

EAT food that is good for you. That feeds you properly. 

Sleep when you need sleep. 

Take technology breaks! 

I could go on...


Instead, I'll ask you a question: 

When you think wellness, what does it mean for you? 

When is it that you feel your absolute best? 

When you can define that for yourself, that’s the first step in achieving YOUR wellness.