Getting Back on the Grind


So, it was a long weekend. 

You did just a little too much of everything. Sleep, cheat meals, cocktails... night caps.. 

And now you've got this week ahead of you. You've got meetings, proposals, clients in town, dinner reservations, everything except time for YOU. 

How do you set yourself up for success and GET BACK TO THE GRIND. 


Good question. Here's what I do : 

  • Drink water! Hydration is keyyyy to bouncing back. Force it if you have to! 

  • Eat Green! I know it's easy to want to reach for that "semi-healthy" thing that isn't really healthy but could be if you ate around that or took that off... yeah, skip it. Get the clean green stuff. It does it's job and leaves a small trace. 

  • Deep breathes. Yes, I know, I always say deep breaths, but its true! These help oxidize the cells in your body and awakens your mind. Breath deep in to your stomach for a bonus, I promise you'll be back for more. 

  • Sleep. I give myself at least 1 day of genuine sleep, unplugged relaxation, and fresh air! I'm always surprised the wonders a days of actual rest can do for resetting my inner world. Yeah, I'm not even going to pretend to "snooze" those 5 extra minutes. Give em here! 

  • Stretch. your. body. Even if its a child's pose for 3 minutes, downward facing dog, tree pose, warrior 1, 2, 3. Just get your body moving. Dehydration and playing around in the sun/on your feet can take a toll! 

  • Finally, moisturize! Wash your face, scrub clean, and moisturize! Its a delicious treat you can give yourself, not to mention if you're using aroma therapy scented body lotion. That stuff is the makings of instant zen. 


Tell me this doesn't sound incredible. So good, you might want to go hard all the time... 

Fine if you do, but remember, #strikeabalance on YOUR terms.

No permission necessary. But always granted.