Leadership: A Gift or Responsbility ?

Being a "natural born leader" is both a gift and a responsibility.

If you experience a certain level of conscious awareness, and you decide not to share with the world, you risk losing all of your ideas and potential, instead of finding them. 

If you have the qualities and traits that others look up to, and if you inspire people on the day to day, then you have a responsibility to continue to share with those around you. 

Having leadership qualities doesn't just stop at being a "leader" one needs vision, passion and a collective perspective. 

Think, for instance, about a family. It is crucial that each member of the family remains active in our relationships with one another, because together we make a really great team. We love each other, and look after each other for the collective good. 

That's leadership. 

Leadership is so much more than just "what title you have" or "how you serve the group," its about encouraging the people around you to take ownership and responsibility for their own life and contribution to that life. 

Today's leaders have shown us that while we are all people, we are all also made of mistakes, our ego totally runs the show, and things are never as black and white as they seem. 

But true leadership guides people to make empowered choices. It guides people to feel great about their abilities to contribute in their own unique way. In other words, leaders create leaders. 

How do you relate to leadership? How does it play a role in your life?