Unlock your Freedom #HacktheHustle

We consume and produce content 10x faster than we can actually CREATE quality work.




by Alexa Eden

With all these digital tools at our fingertips, we're hard wired for productivity. Unfortunately, these tools are causing endless unseen detriments to our wellbeing, and setting us back in WAY more ways than one.

Signing off screen solves the following 3 problems for urban dwellers, entrepreneurs and creatives:

  1. Gives your Receptors a Rest

  2. Cultivates space for creative + productive ways of thinking

  3. Connects us with the REAL world - reducing stress, anxiety and isolation.

Consider ALL the time we all spend on our screens, whether it be our phones, laptops, tablets, apple watches or DSLR cameras... from the moment we rise, until our final waking hours, we are constantly connected in some form or another.

Hustling. Scrolling. Chasing. Creating. Tapping away at our screens and keys to help us create the world around us - barely present enough to appreciate it.

THE EFFECTS of this constant connectivity are detrimental, not only to our mental wellbeing, but our social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing as well. (more on this soon)

—> Instead of feeling productive, we get trapped feeling completely inadequate, overworked, disorganized, and burnt out! Leaving us to wonder, “What the heck am I doing on (insert addictive platform here), I was only trying to (insert productive tasks, that so easily falls to the wayside once you see that shiny notification...)”

what would life really be like if we just decided to #PressPause.

As an Urban Wellness Consultant, I work with clients to #strikeabalance between technology and slow living. I provide actionable (and productive) practices cultivating a healthy mindset in order to liberate you and your relationship with technology.

Here are a few of my tips to #HacktheHustle

  • Set specific times throughout your day that you will NOT use any electronics

    • i.e. During your subway commute, while you're eating, while waiting in line somewhere, while walking your dog, etc.

    • Committing to NOT using technology during certain times will compound over time AND absolutely help you feel less guilty during "designated" sign off times.

  • Consider the specific purpose for each device, and identify the way in which you are using it in that moment.

    • If you find yourself getting distracted, take a breath, put it down, and refocus on your initial task at hand.

    • Don't beat yourself up over the "habits" or "tendencies" on your device. Remember, UX designers and scientists are constantly collaborating on ways in which they can capture and keep our attention. Part of the practice is being patient with yourself and learning how you are most affected and feel most liberated when signing off screen.

  • Make sure you replace your screen time with another activity you enjoy (painting, coloring, writing, playing music, cards, stretching, etc.)

    • By replacing the screen time, you are refilling your dopamine doses with quality pleasures. This will (over time) psychologically and physiologically encourage you to spend more time doing these things, and less time scrolling collecting those digital doses.

  • Use pen and paper to plan out your day, your tasks, your vision, or your project.

    • By creating the plan on paper, you give yourself the ability to clearly think, create, and design your work in an undistracted stream of conscious thought.

  • Alert your community : Tell your friends, family, and contacts that you are actively working on reducing screen time in an effort to support your wellbeing.

    • Set away messages on your computer, turn your out of office message on, and create an auto-reply message on your iPhone to let people know you are not ignoring them, but you are valuing your time. They'll respect you for it, and they might even ask you how they can do this too!

**Signing off screen by no means alludes to laziness, lack of productivity or responsible business building. In fact, taking time off screen allows your to own your life, in ways that WILL absolutely move your business (and your life) forward.

These are only a few to get the conversation started.

The more we learn to productively disconnect, the more we learn how to appreciate our life off screen. This will ultimately help us all feel more empowered by the tools and more importantly by our progress.

Please choose at least one practice you'd like to take on to help you #strikeabalance - and please write me to let me know how it goes for you at connect@alexaeden.com

For live updates, you’re welcome to follow along on Instagram @alexa.eden

and #strikeabalance for more ways to live life WELL.