[ what i do ] 

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Urban Wellness Consultant

No matter your industry, I can almost guarantee that technology is influencing your bottom line. As humans, we need a break. Be it 3 minutes of breathwork, a walk through the park, or a weeklong retreat, my work shines a light on where, when and how you can optimize your life, and integrate #strikeabalance as a practice for a sustainable lifestyle.

In other words, I support your WELLbeing in the face of technology - socially, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

As your consultant, I help you slow down, find clarity, think clearly, and establish creative solutions for your business and your balance.

I serve up daily doses of peace, presence, and productivity.

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Brand Strategy / Alignment

I ask questions. I probe you to consider who, what, where, when and why YOU are unique. In turn, we discover the unique properties of your brand, unleashing your most creative content and narrative. Together we craft your story, create distinct messaging, hone in on your audience, and expand your reach.

Once we have a clear story, we design unique campaigns and initiatives that change the lives of your audience.

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Content Creator / In-House Influencer

Clients often request blog style articles, social media content, video, product reviews… which I love. However, I come alive working behind the scenes with clients, working as their very own influencer. Creating content, messaging, and live events that speak directly to their audience. I ensure consumers are educated of product, and share authentic reviews to ensure loyalty and quality engagement. My work empowers your audience, evokes positive emotion, and unlocks new ways of thinking, for clients, and their consumers.


[ in other words ... ] 

I work for you.

I dissect your brand. Keep it aligned, authentic and approachable.

I #bringyourbrandtolife and clearly deliver brand initiatives. 

I am your foot-soldier.


[ in order to… ]

 Better engage your audience.

Provide quality, thought provoking, and meaningful content.

Support the WELLbeing of our consumers.

More importantly, I recognize that technology IS playing a role in how we feel about the brands, products, and services we buy.

Content is great, and it’s important that consider the impact our messaging has on the

social and emotional wellbeing of our consumers.

That’s why I take a firm stand on mindful technology use.

[ How I do it ]

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Using Social Media Platforms, Live Events, Panel Discussions, and Digital Media I create meaningful connections that educate consumers on the product, and its impact on their wellbeing in the digital age.

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Now more than ever, consumers need human intelligence. They want to feel taken care of. I engage with your audience and customers powerfully, sourcing you with valuable information and analytics about your customer!

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Intentionally communicating the purpose of your product, service, event and/or collaboration, I ensure your audience is educated and equipped to make powerful purchasing choices.

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people buy on emotion…

…and remember a feeling

let’s create a feeling they’ll never forget