"no one should feel rushed along with the rush,
everyone should feel free to go slow" -Robert Frost



About Alexa Eden

Hey, welcome! I'm Alexa Eden, an Urban Wellness Consultant, and Conscious Entrepreneur based in New York City. I design a world where modern minds #strikeabalance between accelerated technology and slow living.  

Intrigued? I thought so... 

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mindset of the future

A.Eden Enterprises


what i do

I work with individuals, corporate teams, wellness brands, and emerging communities to strategically educate and embrace the benefits of slow, mindful living as a way to optimize human potential.

#strikeabalance is the mindset. A.Eden Enterprises is the Agency.



As an Urban Wellness Consultant,

I see the world through a specific lens:

Technology makes or breaks our productivity.

It has an undeniable impact on our wellbeing — Socially, Emotionally, Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.

Without proper care and attention, we are at risk of facing irreversible detriments to our way of life. As individuals, business owners, consumers, parents, teachers, healers, etc.

We each have a responsibility to #takebackourpower -

and I am here to help!


My approach is unique, and well-rounded.  I facilitate clients and communities every step of the way. ensuring powerful design, and strategic solutions, that make an impact.


Overheard, and grateful. 

A young visionary with a creative mind and a curious disposition, Alexa Eden has not only helped me unfold wrinkles in one of my business plans, but she also shines as an exceptional talent with the bold and innovative solutions she imagines and puts into actions.
— richard b
Alexa always bring fresh new ideas to the table which has transformed the whole direction of my business. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm is tangible, contagious and inspiring.
— Aviva B

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